Saturday, 5 December 2015

What is in your mind about replacing office furniture?

There are lots of things that put business owners under pressure every time and every day, difficult decisions that have to be made and often very little time to manage everything.

We are one of the things that is often neglected is a good long look at their office furniture – it looks OK, it functions, so why bother thinking about replacing it?

There are a number of reasons considering a refresh could be an option:

•           The business is moving to a new building
•           Maybe you’d like to encourage more of a team environment with an open plan office.
•           Your existing office furniture might be on its last legs (literally) and it’s time to move on   and replace it.
•           Perhaps you have DSE considerations and need to make sure you’re providing your staff with office furniture that satisfies these requirements.
•           Old furniture not attractive.
•           Office furniture color always changes in market. furniture martial best compare to old       furniture.
•           Telephones, email, chat programs like Slack and Hipchat and videoconferencing    programs like Skype and Google Hangout have their place, but nothing beats sitting   across the table from another human being.

•           Old furniture not set on brand name but at this time most of brand name write in   furniture.

Why change office chairs

•           Is lack of comfort causing you to be less effective during your workday?
•           Does it get worse as the day progresses?
•           Has the seat foam failed?
•           Are components falling off, worn or working loose?
•           You need to be able to adjust the seat depth
•            A tilt tension control is vital for smooth reclining
•           Choose adjustable arms, fixed arms cause discomfort
•           Make sure the seat and back are big enough

Luckily, there are options. Old furniture can be refurbished and re-purposed and new and used furniture can be added together to create an environment that re-invigorates your office space.

We pride ourselves on helping all our customers in this decision making process, we provide a consultative approach that’s truly focused on getting the right solution for our customers, whether that’s a complete re-design or just a few new items …..Let’s be honest……that old chair that’s been knocking around for more years than you can remember could be replaced at high quality and very little cost! Be it buying new or used we are here to help take the strain out of the purchasing decision that fits with your budget. Contact us – we are always happy to help

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