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Tuesday, 7 March 2017


office furniture perth
When it's time to buy furniture, Who doesn't want to go for affordable choice instead of costly stuff? but we all knows that affordable furniture doesn't last long in many cases. So all you need to do is look for that furniture which has better quality and a good price tag on it. It may sound a little bit tough but it's not if you give some time for search and put your best efforts on it. Although the home furniture is always easy and affordable compared to Office Furniture because it has many common features. 

Let's look at some easy tips to find the right Office Furniture.

1.Second Hand Furniture:

No matter if you buying furniture for the home or your office, Second hand furniture is always the best option when you want to buy good furniture at the lowest cost. The best way to look for that is go on the internet and post ads in some web portals which offers buy-sell options. that way the people who are selling their office furniture will contact you directly and you can also go check that furniture before you buy it. Then you can also negotiate the price with the owner as per your budget. Buying second hand stuffs are often turn out as a very nice deal because you can get that in half price of original value or even less than half in some case.

2.Special Discount Sale:

When you are about to buy furniture for your office you should check the ongoing sales first. There's always a sale in some shops or malls. Or also on some occasions like a new year, many shops will have discounts on furniture. Also, you must remember that when you place a big order you must ask them for bulk order discount, otherwise they won't give you that. So if you have the plan to buy furniture just keep looking for sales over your city. Also you can visit Impress Office Furniture for very affordable furniture if your office is located in Perth.

3.Online Shopping:

Last but not least type of option is to go online and buy your Office Furniture. The Internet is the best place to buy anything at an affordable price in the current market. Online stores can sell furniture at low cost compared to local stores because they don't have maintenance expenses as much as local stores. So just search Google for your suitable furniture and then visit few websites to look for the quality they provide and prices. Don't forget to look for service and warranty too. Also, visit some websites who gives price comparison services. Overall when you purchase your Office Furniture online you will sure get a great deal.

Impress Office Furniture Is leading brand in Perth for every kind of furniture. We have a large range of readymade furniture at the very affordable price range.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to choose the office furniture that suits your office

office furniture perth
Furniture represents the atmosphere and impression of your business and office. We only discuss regarding office furniture only. Thus office is a place where the business meeting is held, employees work in that office, also you spend your whole day in the office.

If you have a habit of work for long hours, we can understand the atmosphere must be cool to stay long and work more.

Office Furniture helps in many ways to make your office better all over. Office Furniture gives an attractive design look to your office, comfortable atmosphere, desks for the different workplace, the partition for employee and other facilities.

Now, point is that how to select office furniture? We can say that furniture should be selected in such way that it is suitable for you business,work and size of area space.

Before furnishing your office you should survey your work and profession.

What is Your Need?

Firs of all determining the function, how your office space will be used and what task and accessories will need to accommodate to fulfil that functions. For some industries, wide computer monitors are a thing of the past and executive-sized desks are no longer practical.

For offices that need plenty of storage space, filing cabinets are a must. If clients spend time in your office, accommodations such as seating and side tables are a good idea. Once you've determined the basics, you can move on to the smaller accessories.

Comfort is Required

Considering the many hours spent sitting in the office chairs when shopping for comfortable office chairs.

It is important to test the chairs so that you know you have found one that you will be able to sit on for hours without the chairs so that you know you have furniture is one size fits to all, so that able to test a chairs along with a desk is a great way to determine if the setup is ideal for you.

Ideal Environment

However, you will be spending a huge amount of your day time in office, choose your furniture to reflect your design tastes.

Office Furniture is available in different style such as contemporary or traditional so you will have no problem finding pieces that suit your taste.

You don’t have to depend solely on overhead office lighting as lamps are a functional way to add effect to your office environment.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


Nowadays, some people might believe that standard clocks are becoming less important in our life. It is the truth that people can use their cell phone or computer screen to displays an accurate time. More importantly, people do not need to remember daylight savings. However, standard clocks are not just about functionality, it means more in Feng Shui.
wall clock sales perth

The clock rotates 24 hours; 7 days a week and those actions can inspire positive energy in Feng Shui. The clock’s shape is also an important factor in accumulating positive energy and eliminating negative energy.

1.      Square clock: it symbolised harmony, balanced, easy to connect with others and loyalty.

2.   Round clock: it symbolised kindness, easy-going, steady and leadership.
3.  Pear-shaped clock: it symbolised rich in emotion and imagination.

4.      Oval shaped clock: it symbolised individuality, insightful and the pursuit of perfection.

We Provide all shapes with Modern wall clocks are functional home fashions. Get decorative wall clocks, antique wall clocks, even a Roman numeral clock at Impress Office Furniture in Perth - Australia.